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  • Town Hall (Ratusz) - built during the years 1895-1897, neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque;
  • Town square (Rynek) - after Krakow, the largest in Malopolska, 19,200 sq. m, 160 m long and 120 m wide;
  • Kowalska Tower (Baszta Kowalska) - castle ruins from the 14th century. Built with funds from King Casimir the Great (Kazimierz Wielki);
  • The Gothic House (Dom Gotycki) also known as Kanoniczny, from the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries (main office of the District Museum (Muzeum Okręgowego)), ul. Lwowska 3;
  • Lubomirski Residence (Rezykencja Lubomirskich) - from the 1st half of the 17th century, (main county office), ul. Franciszkańska 11; presently it houses the Nowy Sacz Public Library (Sadeckiej Biblioteki Publicznej);
  • Old Synagogue (Dawna Synagoga) - from 1746, house of prayer of the Nowy Sącz Jews, ul. Berka Joselewicza 12; presently a branch of the District Museum (Muzeum Okregowego) City fortifications (Fortyfikacje miejskie) from the 14th and 15th centuries;
  • Secession apartment houses (Kamienice secesyjne) - (ul. Jagiellońska, town square, the beginning of ul. Lwowska);
  • Statue of King Władysław Jagiełło (Posąg króla Władysława Jagiełły) - corner of ul. Jagiellońska and ul. Szwedzka;
  • Railway station (Dworzec kolejowy) - Secession from 1908-1909;
  • White convent (Biały Klasztor) - Immaculate sisters from the 19th century, ul. Poniatowskiego 7;
  • Old Colony (Stara Kolonia) - the oldest workers' housing estate in Poland which still has its original shape.

Churches, chapels and cemeteries

♦ The Basilica of St. Margaret (Bazylika św. Małgorzaty) - from the 13th and 14th centuries, in the main altar a valuable painting from the Veraicon circle - painting of the Transfiguration, an eastern version of the cloth of St. Veronica, Pl. Kolegiacki.
♦ Church of the Holy Spirit, Jesuit monastery (Kościół św. Ducha, Klasztor Jesuitów) - from the King Jagiełło funds (1410), with the miraculous painting of the Consolation of the Virgin Mary (1569), ul. Piotra Skargi 10.
♦ Evangelical Church and Franciscan Monastery (Kościół Ewangelicki i Klasztor Franciszkanów) - founded in 1297 with the Transfiguration chapel and tombstone of John Dobka Łowczowski, ul. Pijarska 19
♦ Church of St. Casimir (Kościół św. Kazimierza) - from the beginning of the 20th century, with the Way of the Cross by Władysław Hasior and many patriotic plaques, ul. Długosz/ul. Kościuszki
♦ Church of St. Elizabeth (Kościół św Elżbiety) - from 1898, known as the railway church (kolejowe) in memory of the tragic death of Austrian Emperor.s Elizabeth "Sissi", al. Batorego/ul. Zygmuntowska.
♦ Church of the Immaculate Mother of God - a church in appreciation of Nowy Sącz's 700 years of history with the largest doors in Europe (sculptorer Władysław Chrome), ul. Królowej Jadwigi 44
♦ Church of St. Roch (Kościół św. Rocha) - Dąbrówka Polska, from 1595-1608 (Wooden Architecture Trail)
♦ Church of St. Helen (Kościół św. Heleny) - Helena, from 1686 (Wooden Architecture Trail)
♦ Swedish Chapel (Kapliczka Szwedzka) from 1771, ul. Jagiellońska 20
♦ Old Cemetery (Stary Cmentarz) from 18th/19th centuries, chapel from 1814, Mausoleum for the Heroes of Nowy Sącz, al. Wolności/ul. Jagiellońska
♦ Kirkut Jewish cemetery (cmentarz Żydowski) - with tombstone of the famous cadyk Chaim Halbersztam (died 1875), descendent of the outstanding Ashkenaze rabbis, ul. Rybacka
♦ Communal Cemetery - necropolis erected at the end of the 19th century with the graves of inresurrectionists and soldiers from World Wars I and II, ul. Rejtana

Starting from Homer

Ludwik Jerzy Kern

And considering Polish times, from Piast
People like to praise various cities
And describe different towns
Decorated in neon lights
Just like gardeners with necklaces.
They say: Paris!
They say: London!
They say: Vienna: (this from breakfast)
They say: Tokyo!
They say: Hague!
But I have enough of this talk.
In such moments I hear a voice:
“Now, you jump in, brother!”
So, I join the discussion and say:
– One moment, please, what about Nowy Sącz?
I understand that it’s easier
to praise San Francisco,
Since it’s far away,
But Nowy Sącz is so close.
That Djibouti or Aden sounds much
more exotic...
For me Aden
Is not a big deal
Nowy Sącz is more beautiful.
There is the Dunajec that runs straight to Rożnów,
And this town hall, looking like one
oj Nikifor’s designs,
And a pIane, which perched near
the entrance to the castle,
And this ice cream with taste
that can’t be found anywhere eIse...
Thus, dear ladies and gentlemen,
(I want to add this before I finish)
When someone jumps at me with New York,
I respond quickly with New Sącz.